Music Video Production

Dance Choreography

First, you'll work with a professional choreographer and 5 to 20 professional background dancers while the set is prepared for your production. Don't worry if your not a great dancer! We'll only need segments of 1-3 seconds of good dance synchronization to use in the video and you'll get the chance to get those seconds during your training.

You'll perform your dance routine for your fully-produced music video. If you're a great dancer then, oh my, your video will come out spectacular. After that, it's off to hair and makeup. Learn more about the process.

Hair & Makeup

We need to make you look like a star. While you're probably naturally beautiful, the camera's lights remove the natural colors of your skin tones and we'll need to accentuate your features to make you look great on camera.

You'll have your say on how dramatic you'd like to look! Whether it's a natural look or fully-dramatic, our professional hair and makeup artist has you as their star customer. You'll receive the attention you deserve to make you look like a superstar.

The Video Shoot

This is a full-day studio and/or location shoot (location shoots may require extra fees).

Your payment includes*:

Hair and Makeup Artist
HD Camera operators
Production Coordinator
Dance Routine Choreographer
5-20 Professional Background Dancers
Set extras including actors and actresses
Green-screen and live studio set
All Post-production Editing and Processing
Color Correction
Appropriate Supporting Studio Staff (as required)
On-Location fees and permits

* Production packages offer different options.

Stunning On-Location Production Value

Las Vegas offers some of the most glamorous production values available in the industry. It's no wonder why so many videos are shot on location in Las Vegas. The production values are spectacular. Stunning backdrops and gorgeous sunsets make a music video production in Las Vegas truly epic.

Shooting a video in Las Vegas will be a life-remembering experience. You'll get to do what millions of people only dream of doing. You're going to do a pop music production. You'll work with some of the best professionals in the industry who have just one sole purpose: to make you look like a star.

It's a full video production and you're the star